Friday, July 29, 2011


Fair time!!  We love playing for Fairs!  And playing for our hometown fair...well we knew that this was going to be fun!!

We got there early (of course) and I was so happy and honored to find that there were 15-20 of our band's friends already waiting for us.  Darcel and her hubby were playing with their band and our folks were just enjoying the show.  So, I got out my chair and joined them to watch the show.  They played some great music.  

At one point, Lu (a dear friend of our band who LOVES to dance and brought a whole crowd with her), turned to me and asked me if I thought that Jerry, our drummer, would dance with her.   I thought surely he would and told her so!  Of course he did!!

I talked to the sound guy and requested that we be allowed to use our own sound system and he worked that out for us.  His name was Ed, and he was soooo nice!!  He helped us set up and helped us get our sound right.  We so appreciated him for that.  

It was hot...but it could have been much worse!  I remember last year and it was waaaaay hotter.  I wore a skirt so I wouldn't be hot, but I was self conscious in it.  I usually wear pants.  

We played for the Budweiser Stage and we just loved it.  We had a crowd for most of the time that we played and there was lots of dancing (of course!!).  We had long breaks in between our sets and got to wander around and take in the fair and the other acts.  What a great night.  And, because this is our home town Fair, we saw lots of friends. 

Dear friends of mine, Susan, Carolyn and myself.

Me and Susan.

My friend, Virginia, has a big "Girls Day" on Fair Friday and if we weren't playing that day, I would have gone and had fun with the girls.  They stopped by to dance with us!

As the night wore on, we had more and more dancers. 

We had a magical night.  We were all so happy!  

The Fair Theme was "Dancing with the Steers".  We were right next to the cattle, so we fulfilled the theme all night.  Thank you to the Fair for having us and thanks to all of our friends who came to see us! 

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