Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sequioa Woods Country Club

This was a brand new venue for us.  I just love the elevation at Arnold, it smells heavenly with all the pine trees.  It's a beautiful setting up in the mountains.  The day that we played for them, they had just finished a golf tournament and everyone was in a PARTY mood!  

The dance floor was packed the whole night!

We ROCKED the place!!

 One of Steve's creative photos.

We just loved this crowd.  When we walked though the crowd we received so many compliments.  One guy told me that he has been coming to this place for over 20 years and we were the best band he had ever heard there.  Wow.  I shared that with the guys and it made us all feel wonderful!  It's always great to be appreciated!

One funny thing....I set my tape recorder on the counter off to the side.  I often record the shows so we can hear how our sound is coming out to the crowd and sometimes I use these recordings on the website. I can't tell you how many people picked it up and wondered what it was.  I could see one guy pick it up and talk to it.  Later as we listened to it we could hear his jokes, very funny!  

As we were packing up to go, a young couple came in and were so disappointed that we were done.  Turns out that they had heard from Tommy's Backyard that we were a great band and came out just to see us, but they made it there about 15 minutes too late.  Bummer!  Thanks to Tommy's for recommending us!!  We hope to return to BOTH places!

Yep.  That was awesome.  We had a great time and hope to return. 

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