Friday, July 15, 2011

A Magical Night at Boeger Winery

This was a brand new venue for our band called "Sunset Sippin" at Boeger Winery in Placerville.  When we got there I was amazed at how pretty the setting was.  I just can't imagine a better way to spend a summer evening than sitting in a beautiful winery garden with a lovely dinner, wine and live music.
This is a picture I took with my Iphone when we first got there.  Perfect weather!   Beautiful "park like" setting. 

There was a main wine tasting building at the top.  Right beside the patio where we were playing was a very old building that was the original winery.  It featured the original stone walls and was artfully decorated and staffed by these two lovely ladies:

People began arriving around 5pm with chairs and blankets.  It was a mixed age group and we love that! And....our favorite thing....there was dancing!

And, more dancing!

It's always a treat when the children dance, these kids were having a blast!

Earlier in the evening, I was telling Jerry that because Steve is always taking pictures, he is never IN the pictures.  Sometimes it looks like our band has only 4 members.  Imagine my surprise when a lady who was dancing, reached over and took my camera and snapped these two pictures of us:

Isn't that crazy?  I love it when something like that happens.  Special thanks to our guest photographer!  We appreciate it very much.

We had an awesome time and could have played all night.  As we walked through the crowd during the break and after the show, we received so many compliments.  We were all touched and honored.  And, then, I received an email from the owner:  "Heard you rocked the house last Friday night!  Thanks!!  We would definitely like to have you back."   What a fun night.

I'm working on a video of this check back to see it!

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