Monday, July 4, 2011

4 Shows for 4th of July

We had a busy weekend for the Fourth.  Because we had so much going on for the holiday, I wanted us to have the patriotic theme.  Jerry and Steve got ties and John tied a bandana to his hat.  Michael wore a CRAZY stars and stripes hat.  I couldn't decide if I should still wear my "black" and just add something patriotic or should I wear "red white and blue"?  I decided to go all out and wear USA colors.  I also bought some garland to hang on our sign and some necklaces to give out.  We were READY

First up was Stockton Singles on Friday night.  I had no doubt that they would be sporting the "red, white and blue" and I was right!  I was amazed by all the pretty RED dancing shoes.  I was tempted to go around and take pictures to show you, but I didn't.  Use your imagination (and make sure to add sparkle and glitter to your vision).  This group always dresses up for the dances and I just love that!  For me, I have a blue dress and I wore it.  I simply could not find anything patriotic in the stores, so I made a red vest and sewed some patches on it.  I finished it just in time and was sewing the patches on in the car on the way to the show!

We always have so much fun with this crowd and this night was no exception. 

On Saturday, we played at the Cannon Ball Run in Volcano.  The weather prediction was for triple digits and we were so happy to find that they had put up a tent for us...yay!!  The guys talked about possibly wearing shorts (Steve's idea), but that was quickly shot down as they all opted to stick with our uniform of black pants.  Except for me.  I was still going with the red, white and blue theme.  I wore a white denim skirt with my new vest and whew!  I was the lucky one for sure! 

I suggested to Michael that he not wear his jacket, but he wouldn't even consider it.  Michael will do anything to put on a great show.  I just LOVE that about him.  He probably sweated buckets under the black jacket and big hat, but he never showed a moment of discomfort.  A while back, Steve and I found the funniest glasses that reminded us of Michael.  He wore them all day!!  And, he looked GREAT!!

We were joined by Jack Mc Gee, a guest singer.  He did a great job!  He also had a car in the show and opened the paraded with a terrific rendition of the National Anthem.  Thanks Jack!

And, Santa Todd came too! He is a good friend of the band and is also a musician.  He has helped us so much by listening to our sound system and giving us suggestions! We so appreciate his help.

We only had a couple of fans blowing and it was indeed hot.  But, we were fine under our tent.  The day was wonderful, fabulous cars, friendly people and we got to play our music for the folks.  Perfect.

Right after our show at Volcano, we packed up and took a small break to eat and then it was off to the Amador Fairgrounds in Plymouth.  We were booked to play for the Amador Fair Aid a "Battle of the Bands" to raise funds for the Fair which has lost it's state funding and has put the entire fair in jeopardy. 

We were set to play at 6pm.  It was pretty hot at the Fairgrounds too!  By this time I felt like I was covered with a layer of dirt and grime.  My white skirt wasn't so white anymore.  We were all sweaty and maybe a little tired.  And, we were also excited to have the opportunity to play for this venue.  We will be playing for the Amador County Fair for the 2nd time this year (Friday night July 29th) and we wanted to support it in any way that we could.  When I talked to the guys about playing for this, they were adamant that they didn't want to compete in the "Battle of the Bands" part.  We all just wanted to play.  We are already booked to play the fair, which was the first prize.  I was so happy to see that they honored our request and we were not on the voting ballot.  Our congratulations to the Winners, Freeze Out, a favorite band of Steve and myself.  They are also personal favorites of John's, because he mentored them when they were just starting out.  As a music teacher, John has mentored many of the musicians in our area.

We loved listening to Unkle Bean, who played on stage right before us.  I had heard of Unkle Bean on Facebook, but I didn't know that it was our friends from the old Schoolhouse jams from a couple of years ago.  They were GREAT!!  (wish I had taken a picture of them for you)

We set up and did our 45 minute set.  The people were dancing and we were playing and it was a magic momentWhat a fun time! 

Sunday, we all rested.  Whew!

Monday, for the actual 4th, we were going to play for the Carmichael Elks Lodge.  They have a big event every 4th of July, this was the 54th annual.  We knew that we would be playing INSIDE for this event and we couldn't be happier about it.  The weather was really HOT.  I chose to wear white pants instead of the skirt.  (I will tell you that I am so happy to be back in my black)  White is too hard to keep clean.  As I was setting up the cords that had been in dirt at the previous gig, it was making it hard to stay white.  Argh. 

 This is me with Diane, who booked us for this event.  Thanks Diane!!

As we we driving to the gig, Steve was commenting on all the people lining up and down the street.  He said that there must be something going on.  I told him, Yes there is something going on!  It's the parade that culminates at the Elk Lodge where we are playing!  Ha ha.

We got there and they had a big stage and a huge dance floor.  John immediately determined that our chosen song list for the day would not work for this crowd.  Luckily we play a variety of music and were able to switch to a more appropriate type of music for this crowd.  Instead of our Rock N Roll plan, we switched to a softer music choice and added in lots of ballroom dancing music for the folks.  John, with his years of experience was able to create the song list in the moment and we all followed.  It was a challenge, but our band worked as a team and made it all seamless. 

The folks danced and danced and this made us all happy!!  We were bombarded with requests for our band to play for future, that's exciting.  In fact, as I write this we already have one new booking from this event! 

We had a wonderful 4th of July.  
Jerry kept saying "Happy Birthday America!", I just loved it every time he said it.  Hope you had a wonderful 4th too!

P.S.  We have more pictures on our Facebook page....come take a look

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