Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music in the Park, Tommy's Backyard and a Concert in a Church!

Whew!  It was a 3 gig kind of weekend!  We had a BLAST!  It started on Friday night with Music in the Park "TGIF", hosted by Amador Arts.  This was held in the Pine Grove Park, which is also home to the Farmer's Market that we have played many times for.  They have a new stage area and it's just perfect!!  John lives right down the road, so this gig was right close to home!

 We were soooo happy to see so many of our friends there!  I just can't tell you how much it means to us when we see folks that we know.  Wow.  And, YES!  there was DANCING!!

 After the gig, there was a lot of visiting with friends and making new ones.  This brother and sister were particularly interested in the drums.  Jerry was only too happy to share.  In fact, he invited them to give it a try.  This kid is a natural!!  He went to town on the drums and held nothing back!  Jerry gave them both a set of drumsticks to take home and they were just in awe.

And, then..... John gave them a quick lesson to get them started.   How cool was that?  They were both so excited. 

And, on Saturday, we played for Tommy's Backyard.  This is a very cool place behind the Camp McConnell Store just above Arnold.  It has a creek running through it, with a huge lawn area.  They served a dinner and the weather was perfect!!  Steve is always taking pictures.  Sometimes he just points the camera and shoots.  This picture captures the moment, don't you think?

We started out the evening playing for the folks, and it wasn't long before they started filling up the dance area.

Yeah, there was dancing!

During one of our breaks, these people let us know that John's band played for their wedding over 30 years ago.  John started his band, Crystal Image in 1968!  He has had many different band members since then.  Our current band is relatively new, Michael has played with John for over 7 years.  Steve and I joined them almost two years ago and Jerry joined us in January.

This guy (below), came over to talk to John, he played with Crystal Image many years ago. 

This young fellow LOVES to dance.  I have video of him dancing up a storm.  And, he had some great moves!!   Follow us on Facebook and I will let you know when I have posted the video. plus we have more pictures! 

We had the priveledge of entertaining Crystal's Bachelorette party!!  I can't remember all the names, but I'm pretty sure that Crystal is the 3rd from the right (correct me if I'm wrong, please!)  They were a lot of fun.

 The darker it got, the busier the dance floor!   

There was even a campfire.
We were so lucky to have marshmellows, roasted to perfection!

Here is the band with Tommy and the sweet girls who fed us yummy marshmellows and smores.

Tommy told us that he would love for us to come back and we can't wait!! I'll let you know when that is so you can join us, it's worth the drive!!

On Sunday, we returned to the Parkside Community Church in Sacramento for their summer concert series.  These are such nice people, we were really looking forward to it!

We had a great time!!  Special thanks to Anne!!

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