Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hotel Leger

It was  a night of friends, reunions and fun fun fun!!

We were honored to have Pat and Darcel there.  They are a fun couple! 

A bunch of Steve's high school classmates came to visit and catch up.  

It was Sue's Birthday!  I am so happy that she shared it with us!  This is a gal that can DANCE all night!!  I know this for sure because she DID that at my daughter's wedding.  Go Sue!

I had to get out and dance with my girlfriends!!   It was quite a surprise to see Susan. I knew that she had another event to go to and I knew that I would miss her.  Then she walked in with her daughter Amber.  Woo Hoo!  When she walks in it's like the party has arrived!  The next day we all went to the Steve Miller Concert at Ironstone.  What a fun night!  (more pictures on Facebook)

From left to right, Amber, Susan, Terry and me.  

A couple of friends of Michael's came up just to see the band.  They stayed the night.  The Hotel Leger IS a HOTEL!!   It was another birthday, Gloria, on the left. In her honor, Michael sang "Gloria".  It was soooo great.  And, we did the Birthday song for Gloria and Sue.

The guy in the white shirt celebrated his birthday.  We HAD to repeat the BIRTHDAY song just for him!  

Winding down.....current owners of the Hotel Leger far left, Darryl and Tracy Zellers.

Another Fun night at Hotel Leger.   Join us when we return on August 27th....we will ROCK you!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Fair time!!  We love playing for Fairs!  And playing for our hometown fair...well we knew that this was going to be fun!!

We got there early (of course) and I was so happy and honored to find that there were 15-20 of our band's friends already waiting for us.  Darcel and her hubby were playing with their band and our folks were just enjoying the show.  So, I got out my chair and joined them to watch the show.  They played some great music.  

At one point, Lu (a dear friend of our band who LOVES to dance and brought a whole crowd with her), turned to me and asked me if I thought that Jerry, our drummer, would dance with her.   I thought surely he would and told her so!  Of course he did!!

I talked to the sound guy and requested that we be allowed to use our own sound system and he worked that out for us.  His name was Ed, and he was soooo nice!!  He helped us set up and helped us get our sound right.  We so appreciated him for that.  

It was hot...but it could have been much worse!  I remember last year and it was waaaaay hotter.  I wore a skirt so I wouldn't be hot, but I was self conscious in it.  I usually wear pants.  

We played for the Budweiser Stage and we just loved it.  We had a crowd for most of the time that we played and there was lots of dancing (of course!!).  We had long breaks in between our sets and got to wander around and take in the fair and the other acts.  What a great night.  And, because this is our home town Fair, we saw lots of friends. 

Dear friends of mine, Susan, Carolyn and myself.

Me and Susan.

My friend, Virginia, has a big "Girls Day" on Fair Friday and if we weren't playing that day, I would have gone and had fun with the girls.  They stopped by to dance with us!

As the night wore on, we had more and more dancers. 

We had a magical night.  We were all so happy!  

The Fair Theme was "Dancing with the Steers".  We were right next to the cattle, so we fulfilled the theme all night.  Thank you to the Fair for having us and thanks to all of our friends who came to see us! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sequioa Woods Country Club

This was a brand new venue for us.  I just love the elevation at Arnold, it smells heavenly with all the pine trees.  It's a beautiful setting up in the mountains.  The day that we played for them, they had just finished a golf tournament and everyone was in a PARTY mood!  

The dance floor was packed the whole night!

We ROCKED the place!!

 One of Steve's creative photos.

We just loved this crowd.  When we walked though the crowd we received so many compliments.  One guy told me that he has been coming to this place for over 20 years and we were the best band he had ever heard there.  Wow.  I shared that with the guys and it made us all feel wonderful!  It's always great to be appreciated!

One funny thing....I set my tape recorder on the counter off to the side.  I often record the shows so we can hear how our sound is coming out to the crowd and sometimes I use these recordings on the website. I can't tell you how many people picked it up and wondered what it was.  I could see one guy pick it up and talk to it.  Later as we listened to it we could hear his jokes, very funny!  

As we were packing up to go, a young couple came in and were so disappointed that we were done.  Turns out that they had heard from Tommy's Backyard that we were a great band and came out just to see us, but they made it there about 15 minutes too late.  Bummer!  Thanks to Tommy's for recommending us!!  We hope to return to BOTH places!

Yep.  That was awesome.  We had a great time and hope to return. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Magical Night at Boeger Winery

This was a brand new venue for our band called "Sunset Sippin" at Boeger Winery in Placerville.  When we got there I was amazed at how pretty the setting was.  I just can't imagine a better way to spend a summer evening than sitting in a beautiful winery garden with a lovely dinner, wine and live music.
This is a picture I took with my Iphone when we first got there.  Perfect weather!   Beautiful "park like" setting. 

There was a main wine tasting building at the top.  Right beside the patio where we were playing was a very old building that was the original winery.  It featured the original stone walls and was artfully decorated and staffed by these two lovely ladies:

People began arriving around 5pm with chairs and blankets.  It was a mixed age group and we love that! And....our favorite thing....there was dancing!

And, more dancing!

It's always a treat when the children dance, these kids were having a blast!

Earlier in the evening, I was telling Jerry that because Steve is always taking pictures, he is never IN the pictures.  Sometimes it looks like our band has only 4 members.  Imagine my surprise when a lady who was dancing, reached over and took my camera and snapped these two pictures of us:

Isn't that crazy?  I love it when something like that happens.  Special thanks to our guest photographer!  We appreciate it very much.

We had an awesome time and could have played all night.  As we walked through the crowd during the break and after the show, we received so many compliments.  We were all touched and honored.  And, then, I received an email from the owner:  "Heard you rocked the house last Friday night!  Thanks!!  We would definitely like to have you back."   What a fun night.

I'm working on a video of this check back to see it!