Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Crush

Big Crush Weekend! We played on Saturday for Amador Foothill Winery. Ben and Katie are so nice and we had a great time.

The weather was perfection, a little warm and dusty. Thankfully Ben put up some shade and we had a great place to set up and play.

People were touring many wineries and they came and went throughout the time that we were there. As people arrived they would stay and listen until our next break and then move on. We met so many wonderful folks!

This is Chuck, our guest drummer for the day. He is always fun and has a great smile. And, we always enjoy having live drums!!

Wine, nice weather and Rock N Roll. You just GOTTA dance!!

The time FLEW by! We could have kept going...and going!

One fun thing...we could hear a band playing down the hill at another winery. Every once in a while during our breaks we would listen and recognize a song. What a fun day with wine and music and the beautiful scenery. If you haven't been to the Big Crush, put it on your calendar for next year!!

Everyone kept asking if we were coming back the next day. We told them that "we" weren't coming back, but the guys, John & Michael, were booked for the next day at C G Di Aerie as a duo. Unfortunately, the winery also booked another band and our guys didn't get to play. Darn. I know that they were looking forward to it. Thanks to those of you who showed up to see them. Things happen. They were listed in the schedule and we had a contract to show up, but it just didn't work out. Maybe the guys needed a rest anyway!!

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