Saturday, October 30, 2010

10-30 Gold Country Lanes

And the Halloween fun just kept on coming!! Saturday was the Gold Country Lanes. This picture we took in front of the wonderful banner that they had for the event. I wanted to post a picture on Facebook to invite everyone to come to the PARTY! Michael B. was our drummer that night and his makeup was CRAZY (in a good way).

I never even brushed my hair the whole weekend. It just got bigger and bigger. Even when I washed it, I just left all those tangles in there. And, the makeup....THAT was fun! I will admit that glitter makeup is very itchy and I do not recommend it!

Michael S. was back with his scary red eyes.

Our favorite part is the dancing! Whenever Mary and Dennis show up...they dance! Love it!

Mary, me, Carolyn and Michael S.

Nicole Ryan and her hubby. Great costumes!! I heard they had a wild party just the night before!

I loved this lady. She was clapping and singing along. That is what makes it so much fun for us!

Suzette and Susan. They looked fabulous!!

Good friends, Steve and Susan Mc Morris...hey, where are your costumes??

This couple had great costumes.

Here is the costume contest.

Me and Susan....what fun! She loves to dance as much as I do!

A friend, Marlene and me.

Here is a very very tall guy....or at least his costume is a tall guy. It's Marlene's husband, and Virginia.

Oh my gosh, I just loved this lady. She was really dancing and having fun. I think her and I could have danced all night!!

My dear friend, Virginia, came toward the end of the show and she even came up and sang with me!!

That was about the funnest Halloween I ever had....and it wasn't over yet....more to come!

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