Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hotel Leger Friends, Family and Pirates

We always have sooo much fun at the Hotel Leger. It's such a cool place. This was my first gig with my new Iphone. I took this picture with it as we were setting up and uploaded it to Facebook LIVE! Wow. Modern technology. I tried to post more things, but I have a lot to learn before I will be good at it. I ask you to forgive me for the low quality of some of these pictures.

Set up at the Hotel Leger is always tricky. The space we have is small and we are always cramped. But, that's all part of the charm. We are also next to a large door to an outside porch, with room for our stuff and sometimes a nice breeze. This was our first time at Hotel Leger with our new speakers and monitors. We put the speakers up on tripods and it all worked out PERFECT!

Usually, the evening starts out pretty slow when we are here. But, this time, that was NOT the case. The place was almost full when we started! And, as I looked around the room, I recognized many of the folks. Yay, Crystal Image FRIENDS!! Thank you all soooo much for coming. We even had some friends that we have met at our gigs at the Stockton Moose, I wish I had a picture for you. These folks KNOW how to dance! What a great treat.

Did I mention that this was Steve and my Anniversary? 27 years (so far!) And, some really great band friends, Astrid and Lou, gave us this pretty and thoughtful card. Thanks!!

We first met Astrid and Lou at Gold Country Lanes and they also came down to Lodi Wine Cellars to see us. That just means the world to the entire band!!

These ladies are soooo nice! And, Lou LOVES to get out there and dance....YOU GO GIRL!!

The more shows we do, the harder it gets to remember where we met people. If we don't remember right away....please, please, please remind us!! We are an older band after all ...and remembering is a challenge!! (at least that's the best excuse I can come up with right now) It's so fun to see people and KNOW that you know them. Then frustrating to not know how. Ugh.

Here is my lovely daughter and her hubby. We were so happy that they came and brought friends. It's always a treat when family is there.

These girls are FUN FUN FUN!! They love to dance and always smile. Susan is on the far left and it was her birthday last week. So, I talked Michael in to playing the Birthday song by the Beatles. We did our best and she seemed pleased. I think that she hasn't missed seeing us once at Hotel Leger, and we appreciate it more than she can ever know!!

About half way through our show a bunch of Pirates came in. They were having a Mystery Dinner and the costumes were Fabulous! They were wild and crazy and made it so very festive. They stayed til the very end of our show....1:30 or so!

I'm rather fond of these fellows!!

That guy in the blue was terrific! He kept the Pirate theme going and never broke character. I'm sure I would not recognize him in real clothes!

And the music....well, we ramp it up at Hotel Leger and really ROCK IT! Another reason why we love it there.

My daughter and her friend, Kelly.


Well, she IS my's another picture of her (and me). Sometimes I tease her and call her "mini me"...we are very much alike. But seriously, she is so much more than I ever hoped to be in every way. Aw. What can I say?

You have to agree that this looks like tons of fun, right?

The Pirates with John and Donny, our drummer for the night.

Donny is really great to play with. He has a very easy going, friendly personality. One thing I have noticed as I meet more and more musicians that have been playing for some time...they will have the most interesting stories. John and Michael have both played with really famous people. I will have to interview them sometime and share it with you. You would probably be as amazed as I am. I was sitting by Donny and Michael as they were swapping stories about the good ole days. Donny knew the BEACH BOYS, yep, that's right. Then he was talking about sitting backstage with the Allman Brothers and Billy Gibbons peeked in to say "boo" (heard of ZZ TOP?). I can listen to those stories all night.

This gig is four hours. We usually do 3 hour shows, so this is long for us. But, when there are lots of people there, we never want to stop! This is a little clip of the very end of the night and we are still going strong and Michael is still ROCKIN and being funny (Steve zooms in on the clock):

I am kicking myself for not remembering all 3 names, ugh. But, here are THE DANCING ladies, my kind of gals for sure! They stayed til the very end as you will hear!

At the end, after everyone is gone, we are all packing up and walking in and out. And, as we do that the folks behind the bar are cleaning and mopping. This is a picture of the friendly folks who keep the whole place running. They are always so nice to us and we appreciate them! (wish I had names....if you give them to me I will put them here!)

We'll be back!! We are scheduled to play for the Hotel Leger December 18th. We will even have some Christmas songs for you! Put it in your calendar right now!!

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