Friday, October 29, 2010

10-29 Stockton Singles Halloween

We had a terrific Halloween weekend. 3 shows in 3 days!! Friday night we played for the Stockton Singles club. We always have a great time there.

We all came in costume and I was very impressed with what the guys came up with.

I was Elvira (sort of). John brought lights and they really added to the mood.

John was Dracula.

Michael was something spooky. He had these two red "eye" that were blinking. It was pretty cool.

We had a special surprise. It was Sandy's birthday. So, they called her up for a special announcement.

It was a surprise proposal!!

And, she WAS surprised!!

And, very happy!

There were so many great costumes. I hardly recognized anyone!

I love the Potato Heads!

Very scary!!

They had a great potluck and invited the band to join in . What a special treat!!

And, of course....the dancing! With the addition of twinkle lights it was magical.

Can't wait to do it all again!!

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