Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at Copperopolis

Halloween landed on a Sunday....and what a beautiful day it was. Copperopolis Town Square is a lovely community. They had the whole town decorated and loads of festivities for kids and adults.

They had the band in the gazebo right in the middle of the square.

This set up was a little tricky because of the shape of the gazebo. I wanted to be sure that you could see everyone in the band. We set the speakers outside of the gazebo and that helped a lot.
When I took this picture, I saw something in the that Michael?? What is he doing??

He's so funny! And,'s Steve:

The kids were great....lots of fabulous costumes. I don't know how they were able to judge it!

This little girl was beyond precious:

The guys really got "in to" their costumes. Michael Bowers was our drummer again for this show, and his make up was just as great as the day before:

I wore my Elvira costume again...and yes my hair did get bigger each day. And, my makeup ended up being different each time. Do you like my spider necklace? Read about how I made it on my other blog:

We were all a little worried about the weather and we tried to be prepared for it to get cold after dark.

It never did get all that cold, so we were all just fine. We had a great time.

I love this picture that Steve took. You can't plan something as great as this shot. I just love all the expressions!

They had a really great turn out. I've never seen so many creative costumes.

Look at this one....a TORNADO!

Now...that is using your imagination!

It was a truly magical night!

The best Halloween ever!

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