Friday, June 3, 2011

Stockton Singles Love & Hugs!

The Stockton Singles Club....why "Love & Hugs"?  All of us in the band look forward to playing there each month.  We LOVE it!  And, when we get there and get all set up, we feel the "love" coming back to us.  We get more HUGS at the Stockton Singles than anywhere else.  After playing there regularly we recognize everyone and it's like we are playing for a room full of friends.  How great is that?  When we were getting ready to start, I said "Good Evening" and they applauded. How's that for a welcome?   
It really doesn't get any better than this!!

Deiter and Karen were there.  It's always a great night when we see them!  Thanks for coming...and Deiter...thanks for requesting your special songs, we love that!

Steve went around the room and took pictures of the friendly faces that we so enjoy playing for, I wish I could put names with everyone...

 These people all  dress so nice and they love to dance.  Line dancing, cha cha, rhumba, swing, waltz, it's wonderful to get to watch them dance all evening.  

Our friends from last week!!  Thanks for coming!!

On this particular night, Steve and I came early to run some errands in Stockton.  When we had time to spare, it was off to the mall of course.  I bought a pretty new ring to wear in the show (red sparkly butterfly). 

While I was playing bass to Folsom Prison, I started to feel something stinging on my finger.  Turns out my ring was banging against another finger and by the end of the song I looked down and it was bleeding (ew).  At that very moment I could hear the beginning to "Sweet Dreams" a very tender song.  So, I just ignored my hand and started singing, that was crazy.  I'm sure I didn't do the song justice, but I was distracted after all.  

When I was telling my story to the band later on, they thought it was even funnier when I swallowed the wrong way just as I was taking a breath to sing Tennessee Waltz and when I tried to sing, it came out like a frog croaking.  I was convinced that I could just force my way back to normal, and by the end it was fine.  I'm sure everyone was wondering about that!   

Michael showed me his new gadget....I LOVE gadgets and technology (bet you couldn't have guessed that, right?).
Michael doesn't usually get much in to techno stuff, like email, internet, facebook.  He only uses his cell phone for urgent things and most times it's not even on.  So, I was very surprised to see his wonderful new "tablet".   It does everything!  Goes on the internet, gps...tons of stuff.  Of course when something is new...there is a learning curve.  I really couldn't show him all that much, because I don't have one of these.  But, I imagine he will be an expert before too long!  Then he will be able to read my band blog on it!!  Go Michael!

These folks showed up and gave us hugs:

I knew right away that we knew them, but it took me a little bit of searching my brain to remember where we met.  Turns out that they saw us LAST YEAR at the Lodi Wine Cellars.  It was so nice to see them again.  They even requested "Mean Woman Blues", one of John's original songs.  That was great.

We had a really nice gal tending the bar, Jessica.  I wish I had her picture, she was so nice.  And she is going to recommend us to the Stockton Moose.  We haven't played there in over a year and would love to come back.

We all truly appreciate the Stockton Singles and we are already looking forward to coming back on July 1st. 

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