Saturday, June 11, 2011

2 Wineries and a Festival!

What a weekend!  It was as near to perfect as it gets!  We love outdoor venues and this weekend we had 3 in a row!

First, Elizabeth Spencer Winery asked us to play at the last minute and we hopped in our cars and headed to Napa (Rutherford) to play at this beautiful winery.  The weather was perfect and we had an awesome time!

Next we played for Sierra Ridge Winery out on the lawn.  It was a beautiful night and the view there is spectacular.  We weren't sure if we would end up playing to an empty lawn or not.  What a pleasant surprise to see so many of our friends there!  We sooooo appreciate all of you for coming out and enjoying the night with us.  The wine was flowing and there was dancing on the lawn up to the last encore!  

Here is a video with some clips from the evening:

Saturday we were at Historic Folsom for 2nd Saturday.  It was a sunny day so we brought umbrellas and that was a life saver!  A friend of the band had a professional video being made and offered to take some video for us that day.  It wasn't the best gig to video, the sun was really bright and we were in sunglasses.  The wind was blowing my hair all over the place and the background was just a brick wall.  But, is video and we did our best!  

They had us on a flat bed that was at a slight angle, so it felt a little dizzy to stand there.  And, there was an opening in the front half that I was afraid my shoe would get caught in, so I wore different shoes than I had planned.  The girls will understand this.   And....right at the beginning of a song, Steve dropped his harmonica and Yep! it went right through that opening and down under the stage.  To top it off, he was needed to sing harmony on this particular song.  So, Michael set his guitar down and crawled under the stage, retrieved the harmonica and got it to Steve right before his solo.  How's that for Teamwork.

Santa Jerry had a friend stop by to listen to the music.  Notice any resemblance? 

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Yes, it was a wonderful weekend, we had a great time and are looking forward to a summer FULL of fun gigs.  Hope to see you at one of them!

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