Friday, June 24, 2011

Hotel Leger...change is good!

The Hotel Leger has new owners, I think I told you that last month.  The week before our gig, Steve and I stopped by on our way home from the Folsom gig to see my friend Susan, hang out and enjoy the band, Groove Union.  Their drummer was Rich who played with us in Tahoe last summer and we laughed about getting lost in the wee hours of the morning in search of a place to eat pie!  We danced and had a good time.  But, I was pretty worried about the fact that they changed the place where the band played.  I mentally tallied up the equipment of the band that was playing and figured that we have about TWICE the amount of equipment.  How on earth would we fit in there??

I had serious doubts.  We even came early to try to figure it all out.  Well, change IS good.  The new space worked out great!  And, because they moved the band, people could walk out on the side porch and take in some of the summer air.  It also made the dance area seem HUGE.  The whole place has a fresh feeling.  You can tell that there have been changesGood ones.

New Owners, Daryl and Tracy Zellers got in on some dancing!

Mary and Dennis stopped by.  Aren't they so sweet!  

We had two big windows that were wide open.  It really brought the outside "in".  Kind of a 'magical' summer night feeling.

We had a wonderful night.  We saw lots of familiar faces.

And this dog really wanted to join the band!

My son and Amber came out for the evening. 

And, we played and danced the night away! 

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