Saturday, June 4, 2011

Private Party and Classic Cars!

Saturday we were booked for a private party...a really fun BBQ.  Our Host was Craig (below).  And, they are also members in a car club....MUSTANGS!!  

We played for this party last year when Steve and I were really new to playing music.  John had already booked the show and he added us in.  This year we came as our "band", now that Jerry has joined us we have made the decision to always play with the five of us as much as possible.  

The problem was the WEATHER!!  Last year we played the same day and it was so hot, we needed a fan.  This year the weather forecast was RAIN!!  What?  Ugh.  All kinds of fun events were canceling left and right, but NOT this party!  Craig had a plan "B".

They set up tents all around and they had a fire pit going the whole time.  Doesn't that look like fun?  It was!!

There were heaters, but it wasn't really that cold.  He had the band set up in his HUGE garage/shop.  It's a very cool place with cool signs and lots of car memorabilia and parts.  And, the sound was just great.  And later in the day the sun actually made an appearance!

This is a very laid back group of fun people.  It's just the kind of party I LOVE to attend.  People wandered around visiting with each other, there was tons of yummy food and we just played and played. 

I had a dilemma.  To put out a tip jar or not.  We all decided that we would NOT put it out at a private party.  Craig came over and asked us where our tip jar was, and we told him.  He told us to go get it and then he announced to everyone to show appreciation and they filled up our tip jar.  How NICE was THAT?  They were so very generous!

There was even a little dancing!  Of course!!  And, then there were the CARS!   

This picture was fun.  When I posted it on Facebook, John and Jerry had some funny comments to add.  Jerry said "OK...who took the motor?", John said "I didn't do it".  Ha Ha!

We simply couldn't resist a band picture in front of the classic beauty!

Craig and Amy had their family there among the friends.  We knew that the party was also around the same time as Craig's Birthday, but Craig told John that he didn't want that mentioned.  So, we didn't.  Until the end, when Craig's daughter came up and requested it.  Most of the people were gone by then, so we did the Beatles Birthday song for him. 

John and Michael have played for this party for the past four years, and Steve and I joined them for the last two.  These people sure do know how to put on a fun party!!

We love private parties!!  If you want to have some live music at your next party...give me a call!  (209)293-4254

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