Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another fun Winery Day at Jodar!

What a life!  Saturday found our band at Jodar Winery in Camino.  This wine tasting room is set beside a beautiful lake.  They have a large lawn area and gardens all around.  On this day the winery sponsored a golf tournament and this evening was the celebration part.   The people at Jodar are so nice and make us feel so welcome.  And, they make truly wonderful wine!!

It's  a challenge band to set up on grass.  Our drummer needs a level area and John with his keyboards needs a level area.  Last year, when we played here, John ended up on the cement and was literally behind a bush.  This time, Steve brought plywood and we could set up any way we wanted.  To make room for the folks we are on the upper lawn area.  

Michael was born to entertain!!

A beautiful Saturday, dancing on the lawn, fine wine, great BBQ, live music....pretty perfect!

Sitting by the lake, just taking it easy.

I did say BBQ, right?  They fed the band!!  That is always a great thing, and this was some yummy food!



And more dancing!!

There was NO limit on the fun!  As I walked around during our breaks, I met so many nice people.  The were so complimentary to our band, and those comments just mean the world to us!  Thank you!!

Mr. Rock N Roll!

And a few slow songs to get close and romantic to.

We are already looking forward to coming back to Jodar Winery August 13th for another "BBQ on the Green!

To everyone at Jodar Winery....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  We appreciate you for having us back!  See you soon!

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