Friday, June 24, 2011

On Top of the World

We were so lucky to be invited back to Fitzpatrick Winery this summer.   The view is spectacular.  The winery is up on a high ridge and the owner, Brian, built a lodge out of huge logs. And, it's an Inn, so you can reserve a room and stay the night!  

There is an enormous deck that wraps around and there is a brick oven in the corner.  They host Brick Oven Pizza Night on Fridays and have live music all summer. 

I was looking forward to introducing Jerry to Brian, because I thought they had a lot in they look alike.  See if you agree:

As they got to talking, they found out that they are both from New Jersey!  In fact, they went to the same high school one year apart and they know a lot of the same people. How incredible is that?  

Now a word about the Pizza.....mmmmm mmmm mmmm!  Is that a word?  I'm drooling just thinking about this pizza!  If we weren't playing every Friday, I would be at this place every chance I had!  They gave the band pizza and we got to try several different ones.  For ME the salmon and goat cheese was THE ONE!  Add to that some wonderful Fitzpatrick wine and you have a party of flavor!!

There are just moments when everything stops and I get to soak it all in.  This night my camera battery wore out and the video wouldn't stay on.  So, I just made an effort to take it all in and live in the moment.  There were so many times that I just looked out over the view as the sun was setting, and we were doing what we love....making music....this made for a truly magical night.  

This is John with Gary and Betty Overstreet who came all the way from Vacaville to see us!  They are the nicest people!  Just having them there made us all so happy.

Of course, there was dancing!!  We made a lot of new friends that night.  

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We just played and played and had a blast!

This was the cutest little girl!!  She was dancing and dancing!!

 Thank you soooo much to the Fitzpatricks for having us out and treating us so special!!  We are really looking forward to coming back Friday  August 26th (which is also Jerry's Birthday...shhhhh).

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